Coral Products PLC recognise the importance of Circular Economy Week, for business and the consumer. Undoubtedly it is vital that we all seek to create a circular economic business for the sake of our planet and economic infrastructure.

As a business we have invested heavily in new ways of creating a circular economic strategy, that supports our business in creating a profitable response to environmental issues that impact the consumer and customer.

We have under development materials and projects that will be manufactured widely. Utilising recycled product from a minimum of 75% recycled PP, the majority of which includes the local circular economy recycled resources from our own onsite recycling plant based within Haydock.



When more plastic is recycled because consumers believe and trust that it is re-used, we will have access to even more of a circular resource. It is essential that we all contribute and create a reduction in non essential packaging, which is something as a group we address and monitor carefully.

By utilising what others deem as waste, we are able to support all subsidiaries within the group, all group members use recycled material to create high content recycled material products, those most readily available may even be on your doorstep, as our distribution of quality food waste and kerbside collection products created in our UK based factory, has grown considerably across the UK.

Everyone is more acutely aware of uncertainty around climate change, increasing legislation interventions and challenging economic times.? The increased attention on sustainability and the environmental impacts of food production, waste and packaging will continue at pace.? We know this applies to every industry sector. *Coral provide solutions to these challenges.? We help our clients and partners achieve their goals.

Corals mission is to design and manufacture sustainable products that are cost effective, have minimal environmental impact are are?designed to support our circular economic strategy.

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*Coral Products PLC are dedicated to creating a profitable business with quality products that are considerate to the environment and the consumer.