Corporate Responsibility

Coral Products PLC is proud to have a focus on sustainability, our manufacturing subsidiaries are taking steps in providing a circular strategy for you and your product.

CPL Ltd, Tatra – Rotalac Ltd, and GOP Ltd are part of the Coral Products PLC Group, each manages and uses plastic in a different way, to suit their circular economic steps to a 360 business strategy.

Tatra Rotalac Ltd

Tatra Rotalac Ltd use recycled and reprocessed materials as a sustainable alternative wherever the product specification permits. In all its manufacturing processes, any scrap or waste material is reused or recycled, either on site or through third parties.

We also offer “end-of-life” recycling, where customers and users return products to us once they have reached the end of their life cycle. This recovers products for recycling and reprocessing, further supporting our circular economic focus.

Global One Pak Ltd

GOP (Global One-Pak) Ltd continue to source and consider products that are recyclable and creating innovative design utilising recycled materials.

Customised Packaging Ltd

CPL Ltd (Customised Packaging Ltd) sources recycled plastic as a sustainable substitute for virgin materials. CPL customers return products once they have reached the end of their life cycle as part of the recycling process which is then reground and reused to manufacture new products.

Circular economic / 360 Business strategy

  • We are thinking of the future, developing products that although are created with recycled material at the end of life will be fully recyclable again.
  • We can guarantee that sustainability factors into our manufacturing process.
  • We can assure you that the supply chain stays traceable and transparent.
  • We are focused on new product development (R and D) and have a strong focus on utilising material that is recyclable or has a recycled content.
  • We believe plastics have always been a recyclable business; it is our commercial responsibility to utilise all material within the manufacturing process; since our inception, we have identified this and continue this ethos to this day.

Commitments and responsibilities

  • We participate in Beach Cleans, The Great British Spring Clean, and urban cleanup projects as a group.
  • We sponsor community garden projects that utilise up-cycled materials that enhance the environment and support positive mental health schemes for all ages.
  • As a business, we are also members of The British Plastics Federation and support them in their ongoing endeavours regarding sustainability and the future of plastics.
  • As members of the BPF, we are part of Operation Clean Sweep, a project founded by the British Plastics Federation; this encourages and supports businesses to provide a transparent supply chain and minimise the risk of microplastics and nurdles entering the water systems or environment, this is vital for our planet and own wellbeing. Along with many other industry leaders, we will continue to review and revise our policies and procedures to better our workplace.