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The canteen is often not a place for healthy eating, we honestly do try for it to be, with healthy food options in the vending machines, water available to refill bottles and to reduce single use plastic and we provide up to date health information on our Human Resources Board. We are supporting our staff to become healthier and be aware of their fitness and well-being. from the 18th June – 30th July 2018, we have a Wellpoint Kiosk situated in the canteen, this is in collaboration with St Helen’s Council.

Wellpoint Group has extensive experience across a wide range of business sectors including the UK National Health Service. The Wellpoint kiosk is uniquely flexible in its capabilities producing a variety of customised health and well being solutions for large and small organisations this is ideal for our staff at Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD. The objective of Wellpoint is to deliver an extensive network of planned and opportunistic health screening together with access to a wide network of health information solutions, to significantly extend and advance the efficiency and effectiveness of existing health surveillance and improve the overall health within a population.

Our CSR committee are conscious of the needs of our staff and are encouraging staff members to get screened at the Wellpoint Kiosk.

The Wellpoint kiosk is an ultramodern touch-screen health kiosk, allowing our staff in measuring their weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat content, blood pressure and heart rate. Our staff can complete questionnaires, incorporating their test results, to assess their risk of a wide range of conditions. Test results can be printed, or sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, and users can register to effectively track their progress over time.

These results can include:

Blood Pressure

Heart Rate


Body Fat Composition

Body Mass Index (“BMI”?)

Already we are hearing reports from some of our staff, it really is a positive move for everyone’s well-being and health, working with St Helen’s Council and using the Wellpoint Kiosk is already encouraging some of our staff to make lifestyle changes.

#TeamCoral health and well-being a priority.


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