Have you heard of EAP?

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What is an EAP?

An EAP is an Employee Assistance Programme.

Our aim is to support our staff to the best of our abilities, and if there are things that our staff need we do our best to provide that support.

How many times have you struggled with an issue in your personal life, that makes you feel that going to work is the hardest thing you can possibly do that day’ Or makes you feel like the picture?

We want our staff to know that we have things in place that can help and support them.

We want to of course, provide our staff with training to achieve the goals they set for themselves, and often we identify these goals.

But what about those things that can impact work’ You may not want to talk about to someone in the work place such as issues involving:

Money worries.
Management of household.
Previous experiences.

An EAP can support employees and provide an out of work service, thats private and safe, supportive and caring and a provision of advise and counselling that a work place can’t provide.

We are working with Health assured

To assure all our staff have the ability to have the support that they may need.

If you are looking for a support service for your staff we highly recommend Health Assured.

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