International Stress Awareness Day

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Stress in the workplace can have a huge impact on your health.

Loosing focus whilst at work can have a detrimental effect, particularly in a factory setting, with machinery and large amounts of noise.

Stress can trigger conditions that then impact your daily life, CFS, ME, IBS, Fibromyalgia are all conditions that are not only linked with autoimmunity but to stress.

Sometimes there is no recognisable trigger, work pressures, grief, family troubles, money worries all contribute, but often it can be caused by historical matters that are triggered by one little thing.

The importance of the EAP we offer to our staff is to have a non work space to talk, sometimes that all it takes, being able to talk to someone who has no idea about situations or people involved. (take a look at our previous blog to learn more about our EAP).

International Stress Awareness Day, is an important event for Coral Mouldings LTD and Coral Products PLC, it brings to light the needs for people, how we can develop provisions to manage stress in the workplace, and it enables us to make others aware of such an important cause.

We would not want any of our employees to deal with their stress alone!

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