A balanced world is a better world. How can we help forge a more gender-balanced world?
Celebrating women’s achievements. Raising awareness against any bias. Taking action for equality.

We are an industry that has historically been predominantly led by men, manufacturing and engineering, design and development any job that was classed as heavy lifting, all were male-focused, there has been a shift in recent years, identifying that balance is for the better. (Women in manufacturing has raised the profile and positivity of our business, supported by Women In Plastics which are UK based, and linked with Archant Media.)

As a business, we focus on the development of everyone on equal levels. Gaining Investors In people status, has supported the hard work we have put in as a business and a team.

We celebrate our staff equally no matter what gender or orientation and are proud to be part of a day that creates positivity throughout the world.

There will always be negatives, challenges and barriers for anyone no matter what gender you are.

In our business we have a female Finance Director, a female HR Manager and Marketing Manager, a Quality Manager, factory workers, Employee representatives, administrators, encouraged and empowered too work together as a team, employed for their exceptional skills, and improvements to our company creating our vision and ethos of a sustainable 360 circular economic business.

International Women?s Day can meet some negativity, this is why it exists, it?s a day to raise women who are not as acknowledged as ourselves, that work for Coral Products PLC. Everyone is entitled to an education, to be treated with respect and acknowledged for their skills.

Many women and men are treated poorly in their workplace, live and work in poor conditions, are paid an unfair wage and work unreasonable hours.

It?s days like International Women?s Day that highlight our ethos.

?For us, International Women?s Day is every day. We celebrate our workforce, not for their gender, but for who they are, the contribution they make to our team and how they help us achieve our vision. We are committed to having an inclusive and diverse workforce and make this a part of our everyday working life. We support our women to be themselves and champion their success. Coral Products PLC has a team to be proud of and I?m so honoured to be a part of it?. Stephanie Ingham Group HR Manager Coral Products PLC

Balance is better, but teamwork and equal opportunities for everyone, encouragement support and values, diversity and positivity for our ?plastics company with a conscience,? is not just for one day, it?s for every day.