Investing in efficiency

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Our working environment, production and manufacturing areas need to be to the highest standard to assure quality production and a safe and healthy environment for all staff.

It is vital to be aware of where each business can invest in the right resources, this may have a large expenditure/outlay at first but the income that will be saved will have an impact on future profits.

Coral Products Mouldings (LTD) have joined with IsoCool LTD to have cooling towers replaced with an adiabatic dry air cooler/centralised chiller energy saving system, this project will enhance our Haydock site? in terms of energy efficiency, cost reduction, environmental development and health and safety.

Working with IsoCool LTD will enable us to achieve greater efficiency within our cooling systems, improving our production performance and reliability to our customers, the system can also create a large saving of up to 80% from our cooling costs, and removes the risk of legionnaires disease.

Mick Wood, our CEO at Coral Products PLC stated ?Clearly this is a significant move to make our company more efficient and cost effective within our production environment. I was impressed by the care taken by IsoCool in exploring all our options to achieve this.?

We will be sharing more information in the near future on this collaboration.

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