We look ahead and highlight how as a business we are making the difference as a plastics company with a conscience.

Our part within this sector and how as a PLC group of companies, we are making the change.

A lot is happening in our industry today!

To coincide with our closed loop strategy, our state of the art recycling plant opened in March 2019. This investment is making a difference for all members of Coral Products PLC community and customers.

With many councils making public commitments to use recycled content ratios of up to 50% and higher the recycling investment was very timely.. Not only to reduce any plastic going to landfill, but to utilise,waste plastic that other manufacturers may discard of using other methods.

We saw the opportunity ? and value. Plastic is our Gold!

Landfills are unsustainable and with proper re-use of materials can be made redundant, we at Coral believe that not only does recycling make economic sense it is the right thing to do to achieve a better Environment for all.

The recycling industry, provides over 100,000 jobs in the UK and creates large revenue.

While others recyclable resources decrease in quality post recycling and therefore need new virgin added to keep their integrity many plastics do not, meaning that post recycled material can be added at up to 100% in many applications.

Coral Products PLC, focus on PP and HDPE plastics, these are what we recycle. In addition creating good links with other recyclers enables us to support other businesses with a different grade or type of plastic and close the loop further.

The mouldings recycling plant has increased output following demand and is now running 12 hours a day. The plan is underway to increase the throughput to a 24 hour process by the end of March this year. The investment was to support not only the economic business plan but in addition the local community, by providing new jobs for local people, and giving others the chance to up-skill and develop.

Demand for recyclable material in addition to all manufactured plastics is growing, we at Coral PLC were ahead of the curve and by investing in this critical area it has given the business an opportunity to not only improve profitability but also support the environment and climate change. Put simply, it is the right thing to do..

It has always been our aim to educate, be honest, and when necessary address an issue. We are committed to making a difference, are part of the British Plastic Federations Operation Clean Sweep, participate in beach and woodland cleans, invest in R and D, and in the creation of new products with the aim of minimising the use of virgin materials. We attend and participate in group meetings, exhibitions, activities, support start ups and provide advice on how as a business they can utilise recycled materials, these actions are a culture in our evolving plastics business.

All our products are reviewed, designed and created to minimise use of plastics at the outset, be able to retain high levels of recyclate whilst losing no integrity of the finished product. From the beauty industry to kerbside bins, our research and design teams, have spent and continue to spend time in finding new ethical and profitable ways to create strong, reusable products utilising high levels of recycled material from the Haydock based recycling unit.

Our aim, is to continue to contribute and support those looking to make a difference, WRAP UK, CIWM, LETS RECYCLE to name a few, have a voice where change needs to be made (making recycling simpler) and continue to provide a circular economic business strategy.

It?s good for us, it?s good for business, it?s good for profit and it?s good for the planet. Basically ?it?s the right thing to do?