As it?s Monday and we are all looking for that #MondayMotivation it?s great to look back at those that have been participating in Recycle Week #RecycleWeek.

(Image Beach Clean on Sandymouth Beach Cornwall.)

This week has given opportunity for groups, businesses and individuals to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

However this is something we have been shouting about for a long period of time! And literally investing in it!

As a group we have been participating in beach cleans utilising our products and the evidence is before us, plastic surrounds us, and we do have to take responsibility, as individuals and as a business.

(Image Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd Recycling Plant.)

What could we do to support and facilitate the environmental change required as a plastics business? We invested, in design, development, engineering, training and machinery, all of these elements are necessary to create a productive, profitable, environmentally sound, circular economic business.

In March we officially opened our recycling plant, supported by local councillors and others within the industry,

Image the opening of Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd and Coral Products PLC Recycling Plant.)

Our plant is more than just a place to recycle ?waste? plastic, the system itself is a game changer with the entire process being on one site, grinding, washing, drying and granulating.

“We pride ourselves on closing the loop when it comes to recycling and are proud to say that we are a net user of commercial end of life plastic products and continue our aim preventing plastic going to landfill,” says Mick Wood CEO Coral Products PLC. “Coral can take your polypropylene and create quality granulate which will be utilised in our innovative recycling products, that are changing the face of recycling.”

The granulate produced from end of life polypropylene material is used to create quality recycling products, sold to other producers and utilised within local councils and authorities. We are supporting them in closing the loop as we collect waste plastic upon delivery of new products and reduce the carbon footprint of all involved.

(Image the new Multi Box Recycling System Prototype, out on the road!)

Our recycling plant is an opportunity not only for our business but for yours! You can be part of a circular economic Business Strategy within an established British Manufacturer of 30 years.

As a business that prides ourselves on collaboration, why not contact us directly Tom Newman Recycling Plant Manager will be happy to discuss the plant and any opportunity.

Join us in making change and utilising a resource that others discard.