Savings Add up for Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD

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Article available to read and download Click here Spring 2018 edition.

With the support of St Helen’s Chamber Business Growth Programme, we have progressed in reducing our impact on the environment within our Haydock based site.

Our Interim General Manager Neil Ashurst handles managing the efficiency of the plant and is responsible for reducing the energy usage within the site alongside, providing an environmentally safe working environment.

Neil set up a Carbon Reduction Group including staff from the Haydock site, they soon realised that they needed some advice and support to make the changes necessary. ” Although Coral Mouldings LTD have an ISO 14001 environmental certificate we soon realised that there wasn’t enough involvement throughout the company,” States Neil Ashurst. “We were supported by the St Helen’s Chamber’s Business Growth Programme whom provided training to enable us to make the environmental changes required, we gained a great deal from this input and were pleased that our efforts already in place were recognised the support provided by St Helen’s Chamber was invaluable.”

Recent investment within our IsoCool cooling system, which is estimated to save ?200K in energy costs will also help our business, and our environmental impact.

Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD new cooler system.

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