This mental health awareness week.

We are taking steps to support our staff as they train as mental health first Aider’s.

Through our work with State of mind, and our awareness campaigns, on-site health machines, introduction of our Employee Assistance Programme and other endeavours we are doing what many nationwide are trying to do to make a change and support staff.

Many employers might not be aware of the true scale of these conditions, but we are!

We all have emotional well-being needs that vary daily, depending on what is going on in our lives, being able to feel that we work in a caring environment and feel understood and supported is key to how our business is run.

Prevention of staff developing long-term issues, has lead us to focus on well-being.


We believe our approach will prove successful all colleagues in the company will feel able to discuss their health openly.

Having mental health champions /first aider’s enables employees to raise awareness of emotional well being and this can make a big difference.

Theresa May has publicly backed the importance of transforming mental health in the workplace.

?Employers that get it right will not just be doing the right thing. They will have an edge against competitors by reducing costs and retaining the best people.?


Our people create our product they are our most valuable asset.

Join us in the promotion of positivism?and raising awareness of mental health.