Are we up for a challenge?

Are we leaders in our field?

Are we committed to creating a positive working environment?

Are we a team across all subsidiaries in Coral PLC?

The answer to all the above is a resounding yes.

Two of our subsidiaries Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd and Tatra Rotalac ltd have teamed up to compete this weekend in a Tough Mudder.

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Tough Mudder is designed to push you to your limits whilst testing strength, stamina and mental grit.

Designed by the Special Forces, each course will send you up hills, over walls, through electric shocks and under water.

It sounds like the perfect challenge for our staff and colleagues.

Team members: Steph Ingham, Paul Foster, Neil Selfridge, Paul Everall, Josh Casey, Danny Harris, Steven Everall, Phil Allen, Mark Greenhalgh, Ian Flisk, Tom Allen, Nik O’Berg, Rob Armstrong are already to race to raise funds and awareness for a charity that has supported our business, and is truly making a difference.

Steph Ingham a team member and group HR Manager shares why this charity is worth facing the Tough Mudder!


?State of mind sport harness the power of sport to raise awareness about mental health and strive to improve the mental fitness of the population with the goal of preventing suicide.


State of Mind have had a phenomenal impact on our workforce and have encouraged our employees to speak out about mental health. We stand against the stigma and tell everyone that it’s ok not be ok.

Together we will continue to raise awareness and save lives from people affected by this issue.?

Supporting our team, our staff and our community is important to all of us. St Helen’s has the highest rate of suicide in males in the UK, as a business we want to be able to provide a supportive network, of trust and safety.

As the team compete we all have something to strive for, and the well being of our staff friends and family is worth participating in this race.

If you are able to donate it would be greatly appreciated, and will help save lives.