This week is World Day for Safety and Health at work or World Day for Health and Safety.

Organisations are coming together to make sure young people are safe within their work places and are provided with resources and are working in acceptable conditions.

At?Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD safety within our workplace and the health of our staff are of paramount importance.
Neil Ashurst our Interim General Manager shares with us.

Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd are fully committed to meeting our legal obligations and compliance to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.”

“Health and Safety is paramount to the success of our business moving forward, employee well-being, plus our reputation and image. Over the past twelve months we have reduced our accident rate by 75% making Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD a safer place to work.”

“Our Health and Safety committee have played a key role in the improvement activities at the Haydock site and meet monthly to drive the Health and Safety culture into all areas.”

“Our employees are committed to learning new skills, this is evident as ten employees have just past the IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). These staff are now the driving force of the risk assessment process and corrective/preventative actions that result from the assessments.”

“As a Management Team, Health & Safety is the first topic at any meeting as this is our top priority.”

Health and Safety is not only about the physical aspects, our Human Resource department are taking the company to new levels with the employee assistance program (EAP)? ensuring the well-being of our staff.”

It is important as a business to identify that not all companies work to the ethos of Coral Products (Mouldings) LTD which is a large part of what The United Nations and the ILO are attempting to achieve, a safe and healthy environment no matter what your age to work within.

At Coral Products (Mouldings) Ltd we are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our staff.