Chairman’s Corporate Governance Statement

As Executive Chairman of the board, my role is to set the strategy for the company, monitor the ongoing performance of the companies within the Group to ensure that they are meeting our requirements and also identify potential acquisitions targets. In addition, my role also encompasses overseeing the functioning of the board and its effectiveness and ensuring sound corporate governance practices are followed. All the Directors of Coral believe strongly in the importance of good corporate governance for the creation of shareholder value over the medium to long-term and to engender trust and support amongst the Group’s wider stakeholders. I work with key executives throughout the organisation to instil good corporate governance practices in accordance with the Code. In accordance with the changes to AIM Rule 26 the Company is now applying the revised QCA Corporate Governance Code published earlier in 2018. The board monitors our corporate governance practices and will always implement improvements which further enhance performance and/or benefit stakeholders.

Joe Grimmond: Executive Chairman Coral Products PLC

Coral Products PLC’s application of the principals of the QCA code can be downloaded here QCA principles. This was last reviewed 13 September 2022.