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At Coral Products PLC, ESG is fundamental to our operating practices. It is our focus to work alongside all of our subsidiaries to deliver the five ESG principles outlined by Coral.

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UK Manufacturing

Coral Products PLC is pleased to introduce its End-Of-Life Recycling scheme, so that customers can return their products once they have reached the end of their life cycle as part of the recycling process. All subsidiaries are taking positive steps towards recycling by regrinding excess material where possible and making a conscious effort with their material waste. 

To highlight but a few examples of our subsidiaries’ success, Manplas Limited and Tatra Rotalac Limited offers an End-Of-Life recycling process for all products and End-Of-Life materials can be reground and used to become part of a new product. Film and Foil has a full range of environmental films that  provide technical characteristics depending on environmental factors and the requirement. Ecodeck grids only use 100% recycled materials for all products, providing environmental and eco friendly benefits. 

For more detail on all of our subsidiaries’ work in this area please see below.

Alma Products Ltd

Global One Pak Ltd

Film & Foil Solutions Ltd

Tatra Rotalac Ltd

Manplas Ltd

Ecodeck Grids Ltd